How to watch Doctor Who

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Well, I haven't written something here in a long long time! What inspires me today?

My old work chum Ron sent me this message on Facebook:

Bill...question...Cori of all people asked me yesterday if we should watch Doctor Who. Obviously I've heard good things. But if one was to start...where do you start watching? a few folks have said starting 2005 would be good. Your thoughts?

Of course you guys should watch Doctor Who!

But good question about where to start if you're not a Whovian from childhood.

Thanks to an incompatibility between Parallels Desktop for Mac and our company proxy server I learned that this software is designed to phone home without the user's knowledge. What several folks have reported in online forums as an annoying behavior with this product is really the result of an attempted violation of privacy.

I'm not accusing Parallels of breaking any laws but based on my interactions with them while troubleshooting an issue I have little confidence that they understand why I am concerned.

Microsoft Word humor

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In a couple of days the current Microsoft Office for Mac forums will be closing and folks searching for answers to their questions will be redirected to Microsoft Answers.

I thought the following exchange in the soon to be defunct Word for Mac forum was too good to lose.

This post is for the folks on the YouTalk mailing list.

Over time Microsoft Entourage 2008 builds a list of recently used E-mail addresses based on messages sent and received. This list is called the Most Recently Used list or the MRU. As time goes on, this list builds and builds and becomes cluttered with outdated addresses or addresses from junk mail that wasn’t properly marked as “junk”.

Today is the last day of Macworld 2011 and could very well be the last of Macworld Expo altogether. This is my fourth show in the past five years and it's the second without Apple. What a difference their absence has made!

I'm very happy to see that Peter Borg updated Lingon for Snow Leopard, which he's now distributing via the Mac App Store. I see on his blog, however, that his will be the only method of distribution for his product.

The early behavior of developers to embrace the Mac App Store as their exclusive distribution channel could be an Enterprise administrator's headache but I see it as the potential to be a much needed solution for the corporate environment like iTunes was for the music industry.

OK, so I don't have a hyperactive social life anymore. My twenties are long gone and most of my Saturday nights are relegated to home life. While many folks my age (I'm only 42) might still enjoy heading out to the bars and making casual acquaintances, their partners may not really appreciate that.

I realized today how much I like being a geek at home on Saturday night. It's relaxing and never really boring. Life is a hundred times too short to ever be bored.

Yesterday, I posted this as part of a quick response to question on the MacEnterprise mailing list:

"At one point I though the Adobe Acrobat updates were not scriptable but Mr. Neagle found a way around that."

I later received a direct communication regarding my comment from someone on the Acrobat update/install team at Adobe explaining:

"I'm trying to understand what folks are doing for silent install in 9, hoping to make this better in the future."

Below is my response. Yep, it's long-winded but, frankly, this is such a huge problem that it warrants all the detail. Sadly, I'm not saying anything that hasn't already been said. I'm just adding my voice, adding my experiences and happy that someone's paying attention.

Help Desk 2.0

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This post is about Extensis and the great over-the-top service I received from someone there today. I'm making sure my Extensis representative Girish sees this post so that he can go personally thank that someone for providing great customer service in under 300 characters.

MacBU announced the official name for its next version of Office, Office for Mac 2011, at Macworld Expo just two weeks ago. Inevitably, the beta gets leaked, screenshots begin filling rumor sites and torrents let the general public get a sneak peek.

Releasing a major software suite like Office for Mac to the world is akin to a writer releasing his next major novel. Some critics will praise it. Others will hate it. It's exposed to the world and you can't take it back. The developers, testers, product managers and everyone else at MacBU must be sorely disappointed (but maybe somewhat flattered) when their 2-3 years of hard work gets leaked to the public before it's ready.

Well, I'm sorry to say that it's been leaked. Or has it?