Not too crazy for the SMM Star Wars exhibit

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Thumbnail image for Yoda.jpgYesterday was the first day of the Star Wars: Where Science meets Imagination exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. I wasn’t very impressed.

Hands-on science museums don’t really fascinate me as they use to do because I’m never satisfied with the presentation. As a kid I enjoyed the exhibits that I could either crawl onto or climb but the rest were always a little dull for my liking. Someone decided to combine a Star Wars exhibit with “science” and it didn’t work well for me.

In the middle of the large exhibit room was all sorts of Star Wars memorabilia from all six movies although the details of the items didn’t always identify which movies. While I enjoyed the costumes and the models I found the “droids” to be the most fascinating.

However, scattered around the perimeter of the room were hands-on “science” projects that were loosely tied to the technologies of the movies. I was really annoyed with the float-on-air ride that was nothing more than a one seat hovercraft.

Scattered inside and outside were people dressed as characters from the different movies. Most were the masked characters such as Boba Fett, Storm Troopers, Snow Troopers and Darth Vader. I can only think that these were folks from a local Star Wars enthusiasts club because none of them really had the stature of the characters from the movies. I actually Twittered, “Eew eew eew! Earth Vadet has a massive gut!” from my iPhone. I really appreciate its predictive typing.

The show should have stuck to either an enthusiasts theme or a science theme. Putting both together in the same room made me feel I got less of what I was promised.

More photos from my iPhone.


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