Technology as the great conversation starter

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Today was Lori's birthday party. We celebrated her last day as a 49-year-old because tomorrow she turns 50.

At social gatherings when we've talked about work, talked about what's happening in our lives and ultimately beaten to death the weather topic, I'm always amazed how computers and technology can revive a dwindling conversation.
I think sometimes Dean conspicuously pulls out his iPhone to spark conversations. In a crowd of people someone will notice and ask how it works, how much it costs, if he likes it or occasionally pull out his own iPhone.

Technology is a great conversation starter. It's interesting to those who are technology challenged and those who are technology savvy. And it's infinitely safer than religion and politics.

For introverts who want to socialize a fancy gadget is as effective as flies for fly fishing. It's a great way to also find someone with technology as a common interest.

Oddly, I find that the conversations often turn to a Mac vs. Windows discussion, evolve into a talk about about computers and then end with our very first computers. Once someone has claimed, "My first computer was X brand" and no one can top that, the conversation dies again.

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