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My company is making a major push to move to Microsoft SharePoint, which is a great move! They are planning to replace our outdated Intranet site (can anyone say “frames”?) with SharePoint and create group sites. Everything about this project is a home run.

One of the initiatives is training and we’ve contracted with a company about 30 minutes away from the office to provide SharePoint training. Folks from our office have been attending in masses and today was my turn to take the first of two courses. My “Contributor” course had me tweeting “Killlll meeee!” at the end of the two hours.

Since the iPhone 2.0 update I’ve been keeping an eye on the App Store in iTunes. Today I saw iQuaran from Guided Ways and decided to read more about the application.

I’m more curious than anything about the Quaran. Who in the Western world wouldn’t be? What did not take me by surprise were a few of the comments left in the 30+ comments in the store.

While I find the Quaran and the Muslim religion fascinating I don’t find fascinating the snide remarks left by the idiots who must take any potshot to demean another religion. Imagine what could be accomplished by the efforts to promote your own faith instead!

Everyone is required to have this post, right? ;-)

I woke up Friday morning and Dean was gone but I had a good idea that I knew where. Grabbed my iPhone and texted him.

You’re in line, aren’t you!?

#20 at AT&T

I thought you were a purist. Get thee to an Apple store!

I guess their [sic] were two lines. The one I’m in led to AT&T

Leo sounds so tired. He has help with him right now.

For a lot of Thursday evening we watched Leo Laporte’s “24 Hours of iPhone”. When I opened Firefox his broadcast was still going as advertised.

I can sign into .Mac but I don’t see any way to upgrade to .Me.

Ooo I got a wristband

It’s not jewelry.

and free water. They learned from apple.

They have like 20 8GB all the rest are 16gb

They shouldn’t have bothered wit the 8GB.

Oddly a lot of ppl want 8gb


Er meh

How the ones who already have an iPhone but want a new after just one year?

Maybe I shouldn’t be texting so early in the morning? Not sure what I meant.

2.0 software is available in Tunes [sic] now.


God AT&T is so freakin slow

Still waiting

There’s over 100 ppl here

Just finished an AppleScript for Entourage 2008 to add week numbers to the default calendar.

The script actually creates all-day events with each set to “Free” status and includes each Sunday’s ordinal date.