Finally paying for Twitterific and considering expanding my blogging

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So, I just paid for Twitterific after using it for at least a few months. I am a fan of try-before-you-buy and and advocate of paying for software that I use.

What prompted me to finally make the purchase? I use it everyday and don't mind the advertising but today I received a reply to a tweet I made about VMWare Fusion. I simply said, "Comparing VMWare to Parallels. So far... the same." Five hours later Twitter user VMWare replied with a Wikipedia post that addressed my comment. It was direct and it was on target. It was not advertising but good unsolicited customer service.

Twitterific and Twitter have been a fantastic resource helping me keep a pulse on things Entourage for the Entourage Help Blog. And I've seen MacBU developers interacting with the community to spot and troubleshoot problems with Office. Now, I'm receiving personalized content because I choose whom I follow. If I feel I am receiving spam then I opt out without having to jump through hurdles.

If Twitter goes commercial then I will probably pay for that service too. Hope it doesn't. Twitterific is the perfect complement.


Considering TUAW's open post looking for bloggers. I enjoy writing but don't know if anyone else thinks what I have to say is worth reading. Only one way to find out.


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