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"Who cares? We're Adobe!"

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Yesterday our boss stopped by and was spreading the panic that someone in our security department started about the Acrobat 8.1.3 update. According to the release notes it addresses a number of vulnerabilities and Adobe classifies the update as "critical".

So, how do I apply this patch to about 100 Macs in our company? By hand.

Early Friday afternoon I received a political robocall. I hate telemarketing of any kind, especially on my mobile phone. I don't pay for my phone so that you can advertise your products or opinions at your convenience.

Within a few minutes I Twittered a few details more to vent than anything else: "Received political robocall from R.T. Rybak, mayor of Minneapolis, MN. Caller ID just showed 224. He is now on my shit list."

Robocall tweet

My co-worker Robert has a brilliantly fast and accurate mind, which makes him perfect for his job as a software developer. I can ask in the most obscure UNIX question and he can answer me with exactly what I need. He has this uncanny ability to begin a story about something, diverge to other subjects for five minutes and somehow regain his train of thought and relate everything together.

While we were having lunch Wednesday I saw him getting distracted while telling one of his stories and then his eyes started to water a little as he struggled keep talking.