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I'm not a software developer but I dabble a bit in scripting. My Exchange setup script for Entourage has gotten me a few nice remarks and I even learned at Macworld that it's being used by folks at Conde Nast and the New York Times.

Back in August I wrote an updated version of the script, version 3.0, and E-mailed it to some folks who had contacted me originally looking for assistance or just sending me kudos. They got first crack at beta testing this new version. One of these folks had even asked me earlier for the changes that I had made. I got responses from everybody saying, "Thanks!" or "I'll test when I can." Great!

A few months later and several requests to others to help me test and I still hadn't heard from anyone about their experiences. I guess karma didn't want me to write the update.

Post Macworld reflections

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My sleeping habits and legs are still recovering from a week in San Francisco where long days and late nights are the norm during Macworld. However, I'm still energized by everything I saw and trying to eek out just a bit more by going through my notes, collection of promo materials, demo CDs and chotchkies.

Pictures are everything for those who can't attend so I'll add a lot of pictures with some comments. Most of these are from my iPhone.

My Macworld chores

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Microsoft has kindly invited me again to attend Macworld and help folks in their booth. Two years ago I attended my first Macworld Expo and had a blast. This time, a little wiser, I'll prepare a little better.