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ArfurWriting is therapeutic for the writer, so I hope you'll indulge me.

We put Arfur to sleep early this morning. He was a really big kitty that at one time in his life weighed 24 pounds. That was several years ago and since then he had been on a stricter diet that regulated his weight, but he was always big-boned and big-personalitied.

After a month with painful urination and blood in his urine, Dean came home to find him in constant pain, which we suspect was caused by cancer. We met at the vet's office where we discussed using ultrasound to try and find the problem. X-rays and various tests had really revealed nothing and so we were hoping this might at least confirm our suspicions. The earliest, we could get an appointment was Saturday morning--three days away--and so our course of action was to try pain medications.

However, by late yesterday night Arfur wasn't moving and was literally howling every 20-30 minutes with pain. I've never heard an animal scream so loud and so mournful. Our hearts were breaking.

Just cleaned out a lot of junk from my NetNewsWire feeds that I didn't read and now I want to replace it with things I think I will read. One of the things I like to keep tabs on is development for products that I use. I have a group just for those companies whose products have made my life a little more easy or a little more enjoyable.

Since yesterday I've been peering into my Applications folder, looking through my System Preferences and glancing across my menu bar for third party products I'm using and then have been looking through their websites for blogs. Less than half have blogs and fewer than that are even available on Twitter or other social networking sites.