May 2009 Archives

Our project manager included this in her kick-off meeting invitation a week ago:

If implementation is scheduled to occur on 12/31/09, then we have 163 business days to do "everything" from today, 5/12. <reality check>

I support a Composition department that has a very complex workflow system. It's a combination of internal web servers for file storage and job-tracking, Macs running third-party applications, lots of custom-developed applications, lots of scripting and lots of managed preferences.

For the next several months, we'll be re-engineering this Frankenstein system that we developed for about $2 million four years ago and has generated over $100 million since then. The project's goal is to bring all software up-to-date so that we are poised to be able to transition to a different platform in a few years if management decides that's the best direction. My goal is to re-engineer what I put together four years ago, applying new technologies and knowledge that I've gained during that time.

Roll-out of the re-engineered system for about 90 Macs in two different countries (the U.S. and India) takes place over a weekend.