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I've avoided my blog too long. Time to restart. Quite a few new things and some old ones are in the works for the new year.

We've been in our new house since August and we celebrated both Christmas and New Year's Eve with friends for the first time in years. Missy even stayed in our guest bedroom, which is semi-jokingly named after her since she's probably the only person who'll ever use it more than once a year. Was so glad to actually stay up 'til midnight for the new decade.

My cooking has finally taken flight in my new kitchen, so don't be surprised if a few recipes or cooking-related stuff appears here. It's become my passion more and more now that I have space, granite counter tops and a double-oven. For Christmas, Dean got me a Cuisinart Crock Pot and I'm inaugurating it today with Beef Stroganoff. Sounds great for a day that's been floating around 0°F.

In the something-that-scares-me category, I'm venturing late into the realm of Facebook. It's like Friendster, right? Why would anyone want to plaster his life in a place where everyone rolls his eyes at just the mention of the name? Amazing how I see a few very old faces on there. Not looking to reunite with anyone but my shingle's out there in case someone feels some strange compelling reason to say hello.

Macworld Expo 2010 is coming up in February and Microsoft has invited me again to participate in their booth. Possibly will be helping with a presentation in one of the IT tracks, but they seem to have forgotten they asked me. To be seen.

The week after Macworld is the MVP Summit in Redmond. This year I'm meeting Diane and Allen in Portland and we're going to all drive up to the event. Diane's never attended a summit and so I'm hoping she'll be able to keep up with her disabilities. We'll be the first outsiders to hear MacBU's plans for the next version of Mac Office. Maybe we'll get sneak peaks. I'm not allowed to tell.

Been busy putting together some laptops for Global Deaf Connection. Natalie held her first class today teaching computer literacy to deaf immigrants. Ugh, the machines are old donated pieces of equipment that are underpowered and take hours just to install the Windows operating system. I'm so glad that the current director Joel has purchased new iMacs and Macbook for their own work. He's in Tanzania for a month and I'll probably be visiting the office a little less until he returns. I E-mailed them both today to tell them how to start blogs on their new Mac Mini Server.


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