Maybe an old script can see the light of day

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This post is for the folks on the YouTalk mailing list.

Over time Microsoft Entourage 2008 builds a list of recently used E-mail addresses based on messages sent and received. This list is called the Most Recently Used list or the MRU. As time goes on, this list builds and builds and becomes cluttered with outdated addresses or addresses from junk mail that wasn’t properly marked as “junk”.

How do Entourage users get rid of these addresses?

The “Microsoft” way is to go to Entourage’s preferences and click a button to delete the entire list. Folks who only want to get rid of individual addresses can use a workaround where the name and address are added to the Address Book and marked as “junk”. Marking an address as “junk” removes it from the MRU. Then, they have to delete the contact record.

Wow, what a pain!

So, I wrote a script

It did all that business about creating a contact, marking it as junk and then deleting it. The only problem was that it didn’t work unless one preference was enabled in Entourage. Under the Entourage menu —> Preferences… —> General Preferences —> Security, the option Warn before allowing external application to access the address book had to be enabled.

Entourage preference

Without this option the script simply didn’t work. With this option, the script threw up an alert.

Entourage dialog

No big deal! Just click that little Do not show this message again option, right?

Wrong. It should have been that easy but clicking that option clears the option in Entourage’s preferences to warn about the nasty external application trying to do something with the address book. Catch 22.

I shelved the script because I could just see it confusing folks. Today, however, someone on the YouTalk list has a need and so I release it after a 1-1/2 years.

To install the script, simply select About This Menu… from the Script menu in Entourage and click the Open Folder button. Drag the Delete Address from MRU\somD.scpt file into this folder and it should appear immediately under the Entourage Script menu.

To use the script first copy an unwanted address and then select Delete Address from MRU from the Script menu in Entourage (or type its keyboard command Shift + Option + Command + D). Click the OK button to confirm you want to delete the address.

Remove from MRU

Click the OK button again to dismiss the warning dialog but do not select the option Don’t show this message again.

Goodbye unwanted address from the MRU.

Download the script


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