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I hadn’t touched my new Entourage Exchange Setup script for a few weeks and decided to finally tackle it again. Didn’t realize how much I’d done already and how little was really left to do.

Just finished an AppleScript for Entourage 2008 to add week numbers to the default calendar.

The script actually creates all-day events with each set to “Free” status and includes each Sunday’s ordinal date.


Microsoft can be so frustrating at times.

I started working on the third version of my Exchange setup script for Entourage and have accomplished quite a lot. It now includes a new component for configuring default signatures. Of course, it includes optional setups for not one but three signatures as I outlined in the section What do I use for my own business E-mail signatures? in my Entourage Help Blog post Don’t waste time with unbusinesslike signatures.

That felt like a productive bit of work. Then I started some testing in a new identity. Arg.

'Aha!' moment


Occasionally, I receive requests for help with modifying an AppleScript I wrote for Macintosh administrators to assist their Entourage users to connect with Exchange. See “How to use AppleScript to connect Entourage to Exchange Server 2000 sp2, 2003 or 2007”.

Today I received one such request for an administrator, Mike, who had a need to also set his users’ encoding preferences for attachments to Windows (MIME/base64) because his Exchange Server 2007 server is stripping the contents of outgoing message attachments. Mike said he’d “spent 4 hours googling and reviewing every script at macscripters”.

My first line in response to him was, “I’ll make it easy on you. It’s not possible to script any of Entourage’s preferences. :-(“

But then I had an Aha! moment.