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This post is for the folks on the YouTalk mailing list.

Over time Microsoft Entourage 2008 builds a list of recently used E-mail addresses based on messages sent and received. This list is called the Most Recently Used list or the MRU. As time goes on, this list builds and builds and becomes cluttered with outdated addresses or addresses from junk mail that wasn’t properly marked as “junk”.

Just finished an AppleScript for Entourage 2008 to add week numbers to the default calendar.

The script actually creates all-day events with each set to “Free” status and includes each Sunday’s ordinal date.


Microsoft can be so frustrating at times.

I started working on the third version of my Exchange setup script for Entourage and have accomplished quite a lot. It now includes a new component for configuring default signatures. Of course, it includes optional setups for not one but three signatures as I outlined in the section What do I use for my own business E-mail signatures? in my Entourage Help Blog post Don’t waste time with unbusinesslike signatures.

That felt like a productive bit of work. Then I started some testing in a new identity. Arg.