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Upgrading Global Deaf Connection


For the past few weeks I've been visiting Joel at Global Deaf Connection and I did so today for the second time this week. I handed him my budget recommendation for hardware upgrades, software purchases, a new server and network wiring so that he has numbers he can present to the board for approval.

A little bummed


The Graveyard Book I'm a big fan of Neil Gaiman and just finished his new book "The Graveyard Book". He's been touring since its release last week and tonight he appeared in Saint Paul less than five miles from where I work.

For the past month I've been wanting to see him in person. His appearances online seem very genuine and entertaining.

I'm over-committed and have a laptop due to hand over tomorrow to Global Deaf Connection. The new interim CEO is heading to Africa next week and needs it to deliver to the office in Kenya. Dammit.

All afternoon I was torn between getting to see Neil or spending a boring evening installing Windows XP onto the laptop and installing update after update after update. I even drove by the church building where he's appearing. (Apparently, the church has seating capacity for about a thousand people, which is why he's appearing at a church.) An hour before his appearance the streets were lined with cars; no place to park for blocks.

In the end I decided better to stick to commitments although I'm really bummed about not getting to see Neil speak. I've promised myself that next time I won't have any excuses not to see him.

Reconnecting with Deaf Connection


I've spent more time at Global Deaf Connection (GDC) here in Minneapolis, volunteering a couple of hours per week. Joel Runnels is the new interim CEO and for the first time in a couple of years I feel someone is really putting effort into the organization. Now, I'm contemplating staying with GDC as a volunteer.