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My obligatory iPhone 2.0 post


Everyone is required to have this post, right? ;-)

I woke up Friday morning and Dean was gone but I had a good idea that I knew where. Grabbed my iPhone and texted him.

You’re in line, aren’t you!?

#20 at AT&T

I thought you were a purist. Get thee to an Apple store!

I guess their [sic] were two lines. The one I’m in led to AT&T

Leo sounds so tired. He has help with him right now.

For a lot of Thursday evening we watched Leo Laporte’s “24 Hours of iPhone”. When I opened Firefox his broadcast was still going as advertised.

I can sign into .Mac but I don’t see any way to upgrade to .Me.

Ooo I got a wristband

It’s not jewelry.

and free water. They learned from apple.

They have like 20 8GB all the rest are 16gb

They shouldn’t have bothered wit the 8GB.

Oddly a lot of ppl want 8gb


Er meh

How the ones who already have an iPhone but want a new after just one year?

Maybe I shouldn’t be texting so early in the morning? Not sure what I meant.

2.0 software is available in Tunes [sic] now.


God AT&T is so freakin slow

Still waiting

There’s over 100 ppl here

@Me possibilities


Iain Boyd started an E-mail thread on TidBITs Talk with the subject “Domain of frivolity”. He realized that with Apple’s .Mac service being re-branded under Mobile Me the new address could lend itself to some fun wordplay.