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Luke Skywalker's landspeeder.jpg Sebulba.jpg Yoda.jpg Millennium Falcon 1.jpg Millennium Falcon 2.jpg C3P0.jpg Wookiees.jpg Imperial Probe Droid.jpg Luke on tauntaun.jpg Darth Vader.jpg

These images were taken with my iPhone on June 13, 2008.

Thumbnail image for Yoda.jpgYesterday was the first day of the Star Wars: Where Science meets Imagination exhibit at the Science Museum of Minnesota. I wasn’t very impressed.

Hands-on science museums don’t really fascinate me as they use to do because I’m never satisfied with the presentation. As a kid I enjoyed the exhibits that I could either crawl onto or climb but the rest were always a little dull for my liking. Someone decided to combine a Star Wars exhibit with “science” and it didn’t work well for me.