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OK, so I don't have a hyperactive social life anymore. My twenties are long gone and most of my Saturday nights are relegated to home life. While many folks my age (I'm only 42) might still enjoy heading out to the bars and making casual acquaintances, their partners may not really appreciate that.

I realized today how much I like being a geek at home on Saturday night. It's relaxing and never really boring. Life is a hundred times too short to ever be bored.

ArfurWriting is therapeutic for the writer, so I hope you'll indulge me.

We put Arfur to sleep early this morning. He was a really big kitty that at one time in his life weighed 24 pounds. That was several years ago and since then he had been on a stricter diet that regulated his weight, but he was always big-boned and big-personalitied.

After a month with painful urination and blood in his urine, Dean came home to find him in constant pain, which we suspect was caused by cancer. We met at the vet's office where we discussed using ultrasound to try and find the problem. X-rays and various tests had really revealed nothing and so we were hoping this might at least confirm our suspicions. The earliest, we could get an appointment was Saturday morning--three days away--and so our course of action was to try pain medications.

However, by late yesterday night Arfur wasn't moving and was literally howling every 20-30 minutes with pain. I've never heard an animal scream so loud and so mournful. Our hearts were breaking.

Dammit, dammit, DAMMIT!

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That's how I started one of my tweets today.

Every year I play a little game. Toward the end of the year I try to avoid having anyone tell me the cliché "See you next year!" It's an annoying little phrase that might have funny the first time I heard it but now makes me roll my eyes. For some reason, though, some folks just feel they have to say it just like they say "Merry Christmas!"

Yet another year of mine had now ended hearing that stupid little phrase. Grrr.

So, I just paid for Twitterific after using it for at least a few months. I am a fan of try-before-you-buy and and advocate of paying for software that I use.

Our new MacBook Pros arrived Wednesday, just two days after receiving and sending back our original MacBook order. They were so close yet I couldn't open the boxes. That made the wait a little harder. But we were glad to see them arrive one day before FedEx said they should be delivered.

Time for an upgrade

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Dean and I watched Tuesday's infomercial (a.k.a. the Stevenote). I have a PowerBook that will be five years of very old age in December and Dean just likes to buy shiny new Apple things. We decided to go ahead and order new MacBooks online.

How do you change something that has stayed the same for so long? After 16 years I sold my pickup and bought a new car and my emotions are a mix of losing a long-time friend, gaining a brand new toy and satisfaction of negotiating my first car deal by myself.

Iain Boyd started an E-mail thread on TidBITs Talk with the subject “Domain of frivolity”. He realized that with Apple’s .Mac service being re-branded under Mobile Me the new address could lend itself to some fun wordplay.

I replaced our old and rented cable modem on Friday with a new Motorola Surboard SB5101 I purchased from Amazon and have so far seen great improvements in my surfing. The difference between a nearly seven-year-old Toshiba PCX1100U and the new Surfboard was worth every penny.