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Today was travel day for our mini summit at the MacBU and the day long travel (mostly waiting at the airports) ended with a 7:00 p.m. dinner of 10 at a local restaurant called Matt's in Redmond Town Center.

A visitor to the Microsoft Entourage newsgroup made this comment about Entourage:

> Right! I still like the program - it's not the perfect mailclient, but the
> least bad one for me.

I responded:

If only we in the U.S. didn't have to choose our presidents this way...

Readying for MacBU

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Most of today was spent wrapping up small projects that I'd prefer not to pass off to my co-workers. They're busy enough and for some things I can do the work faster rather than having to explain what to do.

Next week I get to travel to Redmond to visit with my fellow MVPs and the folks from the Macintosh Business Unit (MacBU) where we'll discuss current happenings with Office.

Just last night posted Use AppleScript to read ActiveSync Sent Items in Entourage on the Entourage Help Blog.