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Since caving into the Facebook fever and opening an account, I've seen the following aphorism (paraphrased) come true:

Facebook is for friends I've met; Twitter is for friends I've yet to meet.

Next week, I'm gathering together folks at work to have lunch with former co-workers, some of whom I've really only met once or twice. Amazingly, we've been very in touch on Facebook.

In a couple of weeks i travel to Macworld and hope to run into some of the folks that I've been following and who are following me on Twitter.

These are not friendships I could have maintained without the Internet and without social networking sites. Who says the Internet stifles social interaction?

Mickey Stevens, a fellow Mac MVP and his mom came to Minneapolis this weekend to see the sights. At one time Mickey was one of the youngest MVPs awarded by Microsoft. I still remember my first MVP Summit where I not only met him but also his mom Irene, who was chaperoning.

I met Mickey and Irene at the Walker Art Center in downtown Minneapolis and we walked through most of the exhibits there. I had told Mickey to be sure they check out the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden while here too, which is home to the famous Spoonbridge and Cherry.

After lunch at the art center, we walked back to our cars to say our good-byes. Out of the huge parking I had somehow managed to park my car just behind theirs, so I got to show off my new car to them and Irene showed me her hybrid car, which I’d never seen up close until now.

Since the iPhone 2.0 update I’ve been keeping an eye on the App Store in iTunes. Today I saw iQuaran from Guided Ways and decided to read more about the application.

I’m more curious than anything about the Quaran. Who in the Western world wouldn’t be? What did not take me by surprise were a few of the comments left in the 30+ comments in the store.

While I find the Quaran and the Muslim religion fascinating I don’t find fascinating the snide remarks left by the idiots who must take any potshot to demean another religion. Imagine what could be accomplished by the efforts to promote your own faith instead!

Today was Lori's birthday party. We celebrated her last day as a 49-year-old because tomorrow she turns 50.

At social gatherings when we've talked about work, talked about what's happening in our lives and ultimately beaten to death the weather topic, I'm always amazed how computers and technology can revive a dwindling conversation.