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Today is the last day of Macworld 2011 and could very well be the last of Macworld Expo altogether. This is my fourth show in the past five years and it's the second without Apple. What a difference their absence has made!

This post is about Extensis and the great over-the-top service I received from someone there today. I'm making sure my Extensis representative Girish sees this post so that he can go personally thank that someone for providing great customer service in under 300 characters.

MacBU announced the official name for its next version of Office, Office for Mac 2011, at Macworld Expo just two weeks ago. Inevitably, the beta gets leaked, screenshots begin filling rumor sites and torrents let the general public get a sneak peek.

Releasing a major software suite like Office for Mac to the world is akin to a writer releasing his next major novel. Some critics will praise it. Others will hate it. It's exposed to the world and you can't take it back. The developers, testers, product managers and everyone else at MacBU must be sorely disappointed (but maybe somewhat flattered) when their 2-3 years of hard work gets leaked to the public before it's ready.

Well, I'm sorry to say that it's been leaked. Or has it?

Some days are interesting not just because something special or unique happens but because of the little things.

"Who cares? We're Adobe!"

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Yesterday our boss stopped by and was spreading the panic that someone in our security department started about the Acrobat 8.1.3 update. According to the release notes it addresses a number of vulnerabilities and Adobe classifies the update as "critical".

So, how do I apply this patch to about 100 Macs in our company? By hand.

Early Friday afternoon I received a political robocall. I hate telemarketing of any kind, especially on my mobile phone. I don't pay for my phone so that you can advertise your products or opinions at your convenience.

Within a few minutes I Twittered a few details more to vent than anything else: "Received political robocall from R.T. Rybak, mayor of Minneapolis, MN. Caller ID just showed 224. He is now on my shit list."

Robocall tweet

So, I just paid for Twitterific after using it for at least a few months. I am a fan of try-before-you-buy and and advocate of paying for software that I use.

Our new MacBook Pros arrived Wednesday, just two days after receiving and sending back our original MacBook order. They were so close yet I couldn't open the boxes. That made the wait a little harder. But we were glad to see them arrive one day before FedEx said they should be delivered.

Time for an upgrade

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Dean and I watched Tuesday's infomercial (a.k.a. the Stevenote). I have a PowerBook that will be five years of very old age in December and Dean just likes to buy shiny new Apple things. We decided to go ahead and order new MacBooks online.

These are two signatures that I liked sent from mobile phone users:

Sent from my iPhone. (Word!)

Sent from my mobile device. Please forgive my spelling.