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image364927144.jpgI just downloaded iBlogger to see how easily I could post entries from my iPhone.

The interface isn't very intuitive but it's not difficult to figure out either. Setup was easy, but then again once you set up MoveableType a few times, connecting to it isn't very difficult.

This will take a little getting use to and some experimentation, but I already feel the price was probably worth the $10.00.

Posting a quick picture of Monty and Mitch snoozing on the couch. They were convenient and willing models for this test. I appreciate the app's feature to define photos as top, left or right. No control for anything else, though.

Stylizing text appears to be non-existent and that's a bummer. Looks like I'll have to manually add strong and emphasis tags by hand. Wow, that was painful! Would be great if iBlogger supported SmileOnMyMac's TextExpanderTouch app for expanding shortcuts!

Fingers are a little cramped now but I wasn't really expecting to type entire entries on the iPhone anyway. I'm hoping this will be useful for posting quick pictures and short entries.

Pushing the Publish button now.


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I've avoided my blog too long. Time to restart. Quite a few new things and some old ones are in the works for the new year.

Just cleaned out a lot of junk from my NetNewsWire feeds that I didn't read and now I want to replace it with things I think I will read. One of the things I like to keep tabs on is development for products that I use. I have a group just for those companies whose products have made my life a little more easy or a little more enjoyable.

Since yesterday I've been peering into my Applications folder, looking through my System Preferences and glancing across my menu bar for third party products I'm using and then have been looking through their websites for blogs. Less than half have blogs and fewer than that are even available on Twitter or other social networking sites.

So, I just paid for Twitterific after using it for at least a few months. I am a fan of try-before-you-buy and and advocate of paying for software that I use.

Publishing with Ecto

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Just published my first blog post to the Entourage Help Blog with Ecto. It went flawlessly for me.

Since downloading Ecto last week and connecting it to my blog sites I've hardly spent any time to learn it but using it was a breeze. Kudos to the developers!

Yesterday afternoon I posted Date bug in Entourage 2008 causes birthday information loss on the Entourage Help Blog. This post required me to do some detailed testing with dates ranging all the way from 1899 to 2050 and determining the specific days of the week for these dates.

Enter the cal command in the Terminal!

Diane asked me a year ago to contribute to the Exchange section on The Entourage Help Page but since we started The Entourage Help Blog I've been pretty neglectful.

For several months I've wanted a page dedicated to Microsoft KB articles that I and others could quickly reference. Finally, I've posted the page and to my surprise it grew to more than 40 references. I was expecting about 15-20 at most.